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3-D Worldrunner
NintendoGame created for the Nintendo Entertainment System
1943: The Battle of Midway
CapcomThe most crucial and decisive battle of World War II is about to be fought by you! Enemy forces are descending upon Midway Island. Enemy Bombers,dive Bombers,and zeros are roaring over the island like a typhoon. The surrounding Pacific waters are teeming with enemy aircraft carriers. As the top gun of the Navy's mos elite crew of fighter Pilots, you must pilot your specially outfitted P-38 into the very midst of the enemy squadron.
Back to the Future
LJN GAMESback to the future, like the movie is a video game for regular nintendo classic school systems
Bases Loaded
JALECOBases Loaded - The first in the all time popular baseball series! Bases are loaded for acton! All games are guaranteed working.
Midway Entertainmentregular nintendo battletoads
Bionic Commando
Blades of Steel
KonamiNintendo NES game cartridge as shown
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
KonamiThe exciting sequel to the original smash hit "Castlevania" for the NES.
Dr. Mario
NintendoDr Mario NES Game! Dr Mario is a mega-addictive game that certainly deserves a place in any NES owner's collection. Guaranteed to work perfectly!
Duck Tales
Capcomdisney duck tales for regular nintendo nes system
Fester's Quest
SunsoftGREAT GAME. ALL-TIME CLASSIC. RARE GAME. REALLY FUN TO PLAY. FOR NINTENDO NES SYSTEM. HERE IS A BRIEF SUMMARY The object is to rescue the townspeople from aliens, the strongest of which guard each area. The three areas are: * Outside street: Fester has to traverse around town to get from place to place. Hot dog stands, houses, and buildings are located above ground. * Underground sewers: Don't be afraid of the sewers. There may be nasty enemies like rats and Slime Replicators down here, but this may be the only way to reach cut-off sections of the city. * UFO Platform: Once Fester defeats the five Alien Bosses, the way to the UFO Platform will be revealed. Here, Fester must find and destroy the Control CPU of the ship...provided the aliens don't eat him for lunch first. Fester may enter certain buildings, which transform the game from its standard overhead view into a 3D mode of play akin to a dungeon crawl. In most buildings, Fester will encounter an enormous Alien Boss, which upon defeat will supply Fester with a puzzle piece (a picture of the alien's UFO), and refill all of his items. Since the NES, at the time, was primarily a children's gaming platform, many children were completely unfamiliar with the Addams characters and, at times, did not even realize the game was based on an existing franchise. This quickly changed when The Addams Family was released in theatres in 1991.
Final Fantasy
NintendoFinal Fantasy NES Game. Final Fantasy is the game for the NES console that started it all.
Ghosts 'n Goblins
CapcomDescription GHOSTS 'N GOBLINS is a classic sideways scrolling action game where you're playing a heroic knight out to destroy the evil creatures of the land. Amongst them are the various undead, bats, goblins and so forth.
Kabuki: Quantum Fighter
Hal America
Kirby's Adventure
NintendoPlay as Kirby as he travels through worlds in a quest to fight King Dedede and his evil baddies! Kirby's first video game!
Kung Fu
The Legend of Zelda
NintendoLegend of Zelda - The original and most popular Legend of Zelda game in the series! Extremely rare - Guaranteed to work perfectly!
Metal Gear
KonamiMetal Gear NES Game. You are a new special ops recruit and now its time to show you're ready!
NintendoMetroid NES Game! Metroid is one of those classic NES games that no collection is complete without. If you haven't played this game yet you are missing out on a large part of NES history. Guaranteed to work perfectly!
Monster Party
BandaiThis is a game made by Bandai for Nes the original nintendo game system
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
NintendoNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos picks up where the first game in the series left off. New characters are introduced into the increasingly intriguing plot and old ones make a return. Ryu must now rescue Irene from the evil Ashtar, who turns out to be Jaquio's master — or is he? Control has been tightened, and Ryu has even more weapons and new moves to help him overcome his adversaries. ~ Aaron Kosydar, All Game Guide
Q Bert
KonamiQ-Bert is a game that has been forgotten about. It's been many years since there had been a game with it or even a new one. There was actually an NES port of the game. It's a game that is a bit different but there weren't a lot of Q-Bert games that might be known. Then again, this is just another one and could very well be known more than perhaps once thought. This was also on the Atari 2600 but the version that is going to be looked at the most will be the NES version.
Skate or Die
KonamiHands down the most popular NES game among teenagers! Hours of fun & very high replay value! All games are guaranteed working!
Skate or Die 2
tengenSkate or Die 2 NES Game. The follow-up to one of the greatest skate games of all time!
Skull & Crossbones
TengenNES Nintendo 8-bit Video Game version. Not a Wii game. This is the original 8-bit video game cartridge. Tengen Video Game Version for the NES system. NES System is sold seperately. NES System Not included. Fight as either Red Beard or One Eye through various pirate themed levels, like ships and forts, and even some non-pirate themed levels, battling ninjas, skeletons, and others in a quest to get back your hard earned money from an evil wizard. You can also fight side by side with a friend (who controls the pirate you didn't choose). Fighting works like fencing, with a few different moves to use, including parrying. The levels scroll through with a boss at the end of each. You gain money by vanquishing foes and digging for treasure where X marks the spot.
Solomon's Key
Spy Hunter
SunsoftA conversion of the arcade game, Spy Hunter is a driving action game played from an overhead point of view. Your car is equipped with machine guns to help you get past the numerous enemies out on the road (be careful not to shoot any civilians, though!) Occasionally you will come across a weapons van, and if you drive into the back of the van your car becomes equipped with a second weapon (such as smoke screen, oil slick, or missiles.) At several points the road splits and you can enter a boathouse which transforms your car into a boat temporarily. If you drive far enough the seasons change as well (watch out for icy conditions during winter!) The enemy cars will do anything to stop you, including running you off the road, firing guns from the back of a limmo, or dropping bombs from a helicopter.
Star Soldier
Taxan USAStar Soldier NES game. You must navigate your way to the evil super computer so you can stop it before it destroys the empire.
NintendoStarTropics NES Game. Intense action and great game play make this search for an abducted uncle another nice NES game!
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt
NintendoThe Classic Mega Hit "Super Mario Bros." and Arcade Shooter "Duck Hunt" 2 game cartridge that came stock with most Nintendo Entertainment Systems. A Must have for every NES owner, Collector, or seller trying to put together an full NES Set.
Super Mario Bros. 2
NintendoGREAT GAME. SUPER MARIO BROTHERS PART 2 FOR NES NINTENDO. ALL-TIME CLASSIC. A MUST FOR ANY TRUE HARDCORE GAMER, COLLECTOR OR GAME PLAYER. LOTS OF FUN. HERE IS SOME MINOR INFO ON THE GAME. Players choose from four characters each time they start or restart a level: Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach. Each has a special ability: Luigi can jump very high, the Princess can remain temporarily suspended in the air as if she were levitating, Toad can pick up things quickly and is very agile, and Mario is well-balanced in all areas. This is the only original Super Mario game where Princess Peach is not the damsel-in-distress along with being the first playable female character in a Mario game. In future Mario games in which multiple characters were playable, with the exception of Mario Golf, Mario would always be the most balanced character. A unique ability in this game is the "power squat"; by holding Down on the control pad for a few seconds, players could build power for higher jumps. One of the game's most defining aspect is the ability to pluck vegetables from the ground to throw at enemies; these vegetables reappear in Super Smash Bros. Melee as one of Peach's special attacks.
Super Mario Bros. 3
NintendoS&H will be $3.47
Tecmo Super Bowl
TecmoTecmo Super Bowl NES Game! Quite possibly the most popular NES game of all time!
NintendoThe Relentless Building Block Game official Niontendo Product, Game Pak
Wild Gunman
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
NintendoGold cart only. Some of the gold is starting to wear off on the edges.