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"Sega of America, Inc."A collection of games for the Genesis. Includes Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Columns, Revenge of Shinobi, Sonic, and Super Hang-On.
After Burner II
Sega Of America, Inc.
Sega Of America, Inc.
Altered Beast
Sega Of America, Inc.Enter a time when men were warriors and Gods ruled the world. A time of good against evil, a place of danger. Summoned by Zues to rescue Athena, you will infiltrate the Underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strenght
Arcade Classics
"Sega of America, Inc."Missle Command, Centipede & Pong
Art Alive
Sega Of America, Inc.
Batman Forever
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Sega Of America, Inc.
Comix Zone
Sega Genesis
DJ Boy
KanekoHelp D.J. Boy rescue his girlfriend, Maria, from the Dark Knights!
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Sega Of America, Inc.
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Sega Of America, Inc.
Earthworm Jim
"Sega of America, Inc."
Ecco the Dolphin
"Sega of America, Inc."Rated for everyone
Fix-It Felix Jr.
Game Genie
Galoob Toys
Garfield Caught In The Act
Sega Of America, Inc.
Sega Of America, Inc.Goliath, the leader of the gargoyles, must take on a quest to save the world from the nefarious Eye of Odin before it annihilates the planet.
Sega Of America, Inc.
Hard Drivin'
Midway Entertainment
Jurassic Park
"Sega of America, Inc."Plunge into a heart-wrenching race for survival! On a tropical island, a violent hurricane rips through the dinosaur preserve, trapping the tourists and freeing the most terrifying animals in prehistory! Two bigger-than-life ways to play: Be a dinosaur! As a Raptor, rampage across the island battling other beasts and eluding the traps and weapons of your human enemies. As Grant, the paleontologist, arm yourself with tranquilizer guns, and sleeping-gas grenades. Dodge the slashing jaws of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the paralyzing spit of the Dilophosaurs! 16 mammoth megs of nerve-shredding action!
Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition
Sega Of America, Inc.jurassic park video game made after the movie, rampage edition for sega genesis.
Knuckles Chaotix
"Sega of America, Inc."
"Sega of America, Inc."From the manufacturer: Deep in the Earth, a powerful ancient crystal hums, fueling the balance of nature. But when its toxic twin plummets to earth, nature totters on the edge of extinction! Only one hope remains: Kolibri. Though small and alone, the hummingbird must battle the invasive mutation in all its malignant form to restore earth. But at what cost?
The Lion King
"Sega of America, Inc."
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Sega Of America, Inc.sega genesis video game after the movie, jurassic park lost world
Lotus Turbo Challenge
Electronic Arts
Ms. Pac-man
Midway EntertainmentMs. Pac-Man chows a power pellet and it's dinner time! Fly around the mazes at top speed while you dine on ghosts and score big points. Watch out! Don't let those little haunters get their hands on you or you're history. Ms. Pac-Man is just like the mega-hit arcade game, from the intermissions to the bouncing fruit treats. You better catch her while you can.
Mutant League Hockey
Electronic Arts
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
AcclaimArcade-quality player scaling! Updated player rosters! Actual player heads!Arcade-quality player scalingUpdated player rosters! Actual player heads
NHL 95
NHL 96
EANHL '96 SEGA game. NHL 96 was the first EA Sports game to feature Virtual Stadium technology which resulted in a more 3D feel and multiple camera angles.
NHLPA Hockey 93
Outrun 2019
Sega Of America, Inc.
Data EastASIN: B000035XOH Manufacturer: Data East Hardware Platform: Sega Genesis ESRB Age Rating: everyone
Pac-Man 2
"Sega of America, Inc."Sega Genesis Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures loose
Pringles The Game
Sega Of America, Inc.Ristar, the son of a legendary hero who's been captured, is the solar system's last hope against the evil space pirate Greedy. Ristar must travel to the 7 planets of his home system to restore peace to their once happy worlds and ultimately free his father. Ristar stretches his long elastic arms to grab enemies and head-butt them! His long limbs help him climb up walls or swing out of danger. Discover totally different worlds and new creatures on each planet! Battle strange beings who aren't always what they seem! Shoot through a variety of gameplay! Action, puzzle and strategy combine to challenge Ristar at every turn.
Road Rash
Electronic Arts
Rocket Knight Adventures
Sega Genesis/KonamiRocket Knight Adventures-Sega Genesis-Video Game.
Shadow Squadron
"Sega of America, Inc."Chaos has broken out on the edge of the Galaxy. A diabolical power has begun construction of a powerful sun laser. You are the Shadow Squadron's newest fighter jock and the fate and hope of the federation rests in your hands. Destroy the Sun Laser of face the FIRE!!! One of the premier games for the Sega 32X platform.
Electronic Artsshaq fu fighting game for sega genesis
Sonic & Knuckles
Sega Of America, Inc.Sonic and Knuckles Game! The last and greatest version of the game that changed video game history - Sonic the Hedgehog. A must have for any avid video game fan! Guaranteed to work perfectly!
Sonic Spinball
"Sega of America, Inc."great little game by sega!!!!
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sega Of America, Inc.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sega Of America, Inc.Sonic the Hedgehog 2 SEGA Game. The sequel to the game that put Sega on the video game map!
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sega Genesissega genesis sonic video game
Space Harrier
SegaBelieve it or not, Dragonland used to be a peaceful place. That is, until the evil demon Valda decided to invade and take over. Now it's up to the last Sentinel of Dragonland to stop the forces of Valda and restore piece to his planet. In Space Harrier, you control this warrior, otherwise known as Harri. Movement in all directions is at your disposal as you use his special jet-pack to maneuver to any place on the screen just as in the 1980s Arcade version. As Harri whizzes through the colorful 3D environment, he'll be attacked from all directions by Valdan invaders of varying types. But his trusty laser cannon has never met a Valdan it couldn't handle. Now it's time to put that jet-pack and laser cannon to the test!
Sports Talk Football 93
"Sega of America, Inc."
Steel Empire
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
Streets of Rage
Sega Of America, Inc.sega genesis
Streets of Rage 2
Sega Of America, Inc.fighting game for streets of rage 2 for sega genesis
Sub Terrania
"Sega of America, Inc."
Super Mario Bros.
Super Thunder Blade
Sega Of America, Inc.
Target Earth
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
Sega Of America, Inc.sega genesis toe jam & earl
Toy Story
DisneyThis game is based on the movie "Toy Story". It sets you as the character of Woody as you jump, swing, and drive to the end of each level. Each level contains familar scenes from the movie. The gameplay consists of the platform/sidescrolling kind. You use Woody's pullstring to defeat enemies like sharks, Mr. Potatohead, and Ham. After each level, you are treated to still images from the movie.
Triple Play 96
Electronic Arts
Twin Cobra
Sega Of America, Inc.Sega Genesis warfare game
"Sega of America, Inc."Vectorman SEGA game. The future of the human race looks hopeless when maintenance drones accidentally replace the orbot leader's head with a salvaged atomic bomb...
Vectorman 2
Sega Of America, Inc.VectorMan is Back.... More Awesome than ever, Blast enemies, deadly canon fire Fire Ball and super shot, don't miss this....
Virtua Racing
Sega Of America, Inc.
Virtua Racing Deluxe
Sega Of America, Inc.Hit the track with Virtua racing. You can choose from three race circuits, Formula One, stock or prototype cars. While racing against time or a friend, you'll try to survive every bend in the road. Five different tracks, including two newly designed courses will test your fortitude as a driver.
Wacky Worlds
Sega Of America, Inc.
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars
AtariWayne Gretsky and the NHLPA All-Stars SEGA game. Here is your chance to hit the ice with Wayne Gretzky and more more NHL stars...
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Electronic Arts
World of Illusion
Sega Of America, Inc.Mickey and Donald are the stars of this magical, mystical Disney challenge. After being transported to a distant world, our two heroes come up against a crafty sorcerer with evil powers. Now, the Disney duo must perform feats of might and magic in order to get back home. Journey across the skies on a magic carpet, tread through an enchanted forest, and explore the ocean's floor from inside a giant bubble! With five dazzling levels in all, WORLD OF ILLUSION will have you dodging floods, fighting through mine shafts, and more. Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabelle, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are along for the adventure, completing the magnificent Disney party. Pick up saved progress with the use of a password.
Sega Of America, Inc.Good Condition * Original Box * No Manual * In Stock * Fast Shipping
X-Men 2: Clone Wars