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May 26, 2020
3DO Buffet
3DOYou'll enjoy the friendliest ghost in CASPER; shoot 'em up in WOLFENSTEIN 3D; take a trip to the future in CYBERIA; play sleuth in ALONE IN THE DARK 2; and many more.
Demolition Man
Virgin Interactive
FIFA International Soccer
EA SportsSoccer and technology Collide The most Incredible sports simulation ever created. Camera Angles a TV Director could only dream about. You pick the perspective, then control the Action on your quest for the International Title. For the first time ever, you can experience what it feels like to watch that cross pass drop into the box from the wing. CD-Quality crowd chants and sound effects combine with State-Of-The-Art camera work to deliver the biggest technology advance in the sports world since the instant replay.
Crystal DynamicsGEX, a wisecracking, TV-loving lizard gets sucked into the Media Dimension, where an ill-tempered fly plans to make him the network's new mascot. Gex must use his powerful tail-whip and tongue-lash attacks to come out alive. The voice of comedian Dana Gould brings Gex to life with over 300 one-liners. Uncover hidden bonus levels, discover hidden items, and wreak havoc on enemies using a slew of different power-ups in places like Graveyard World, Cartoon World, Jungle World, and Kung Fu World. The adventure is topped off by the inevitable confrontation with the evil mastermind Rez.
Guardian War
John Madden Football
Electronic Arts
Johnny Bazookatone
US Gold
Jurassic Park Interactive
Killing Time
The Need For Speed
EA/Road & Track
Pebble Beach Golf Links
True GolfThe Pebble Beach Golf Links is for the 3DO game machines. Challenge the links of the fairways!!
Putt Putt Joins the Parade
Return Fire
Prolific Publishing
Road Rash
Sewer Shark
Shock Wave
Space Shuttle
The Software Toolworks
Super Wing Commander
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Origin Systems