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UnknownThis cartridge is brand new. Game comes in a clear plastic game case. No Original box or manual.
King of Fighters R2
SNKFollowing in the footsteps of classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, King Of Fighters: R-2 assembles a gang of fighters who kick, punch, jump, guard, and "special move" their way to the top. Although this game doesn't have as many moves as most fighting games for home consoles, it does contain an unusually large selection of female fighters to choose from, making equal opportunity supporters happy. And these gaming gals can sure hold their own. To prove that women warriors truly rock, look no further than Shermie. Her cartwheel kick is just as powerful and devastating as that of the magic-wielding male fighter Saisyu.

King of Fighters: R-2 enables you to equip each character with up to two original moves, swap signature skills, or create a new character from scratch. The characters all benefit from a sassy and competitive nature that comes out in both pre- and post-tournaments.

This game allows you to choose between fighting the computer as a team or as a single character to advance up the ranks with every triumphant battle. In addition, this game contains special features that can be unlocked only when connected to the Sega Dreamcast console via the SNK DC Link Cable. For example, points scored in the companion Dreamcast game King of Fighters 99 can be applied to this NEOGEO game. —Carrie Bell

Pros:Numerous female fightersSimilar to classic fighting games Street Fighter and Mortal KombatCons:Limited variation in movesGame environment isn't very detailed
Metal Slug: 1st Mission
Neo GeoThis cartridge is brand new. Game comes in a clear plastic game case. No Original box or manual.
Neo Turf Masters
UnknownThis cartridge is brand new. Game comes in a clear plastic game case. No Original box or manual.
UnknownThe little yellow guy with a big appetite for dots is making a name for himself on the NEOGEO. This faithful pocket-sized reproduction of the early-'80s arcade classic offers instant gratification for those who want to gobble up some spare time. Unfortunately, the joystick on this portable unit doesn't respond extremely well on sharp turns, which can be the kiss of death when you're being chased by those pesky ghosts Pinky, Inky, Blinky, or Clyde.

Play takes place in full-screen or scroll modes. Scroll mode poses more of a challenge as you can see only one corner of the board at all times, which can make it hard to avoid ghosts. It may not be as advanced as many other titles for the NEOGEO, but nothing beats the addictive arcade action of Pac-Man. If you are looking for a game to just pick up and play, snatch up this title. It's still as much fun as when you first played it at the arcade all those years ago. —Carrie Bell

Pros:Retains all the charm and excitement of the original arcade classicOne of the best games for short spurts of gameplaySafe for all agesCons:Joystick response is weak on sharp turnsNo new additions to the original version
Samurai Shodown! 2
UBI SoftSamurai Showdown! 2 transports you to ancient Japan, where you can play one of many powerful samurai fighters. Whether you select Asra, Prompter, or Charlotte, you will have access to several special moves and one particularly striking method of warrior mayhem, known as Taisan Morosumi's raging heaven. In this sinister fighting game, you can battle head-to-head with swords, fists, and magic in versus, survival, or one-player story modes. We liked the one-player story mode the best, since it is filled with enhanced features that are not standard fare in fighting games, such as witty remarks, dramatic music, and a healthy dose of pomp and circumstance. Once you complete various challenges, you can unlock new "collector cards" that showcase your progress. Each card contains an illustrated graphic that documents your gaming journey.

While we enjoyed the advanced features of this game, we were disappointed to find that you aren't able to begin where you left off in the storyline during a rematch. Instead, you are forced to start at the beginning. All of the NEOGEO fighting games offer superior animation as compared to the aging Game Boy fighters, but this title offers the most satisfying combination of fast action, precision control, and good looks. —Carrie Bell

Pros:Cool characters and good fightingEerie music, neat section titles and sceneryFair amount of female fighters

Cons:Realistic violence may not appeal to some concerned parentsLimited moves due to hand-held consoleCan't pick up where you left off in a game